Report from JAC Molesworth
Molesworth - digging for the truth

October 11 2003

From Anna Cheetham - Leicester CND 

Fourteen of us went from Leicester and we were met by Virginia and her three lovely children from the Eirene Centre. Two more in total than we had in April. To quote from the far left "We are building".  It was an amazingly hot day.  Something wrong there, it's supposed to be horribly cold and windy at Molesworth, but no this time, warm sunshine.  We were greeted at the Main Gate by a MoD Plod who asked  us whether we would like him to close the  main gate so we could stand in front of it for a bit.  "Well er, yes, OK, suppose so, good idea".  I don't know, last time when we went in April it was cups of tea, now they are organising our demo; what is the world coming to?

We hung our banners up around the gate, and stood with our rainbow peace flags flying in the breeze while Richard did the photos.  Then we hacked our way into the dry stoney earth of the peace garden and planted a buddleia that I had rescued from one of my drain pipes, and a nice selection of winter pansies.  Jill made us cups of tea and I handed round a few tasty nibbles.  We signed a greetings card to Marlene, who had unfortunately broken her knee cap in the cause of peace at Lakenheath. We then did a quick trot up a bit of the bridle path before returning to Leicester.

No armed US in sight, just MoD and US police.  BUT 15 minutes later when Virginia walked back to Eirene around the other side of the base and stopped at the Cockbrook Lane gate a rather different image presented itself.  The other side of the coin. This is after all "the hub of US Intelligence in Europe. ..of great strategic importance to the Pentagon" (Duncan Campbell) She was greeted by 5 or 6 armed soldiers and two MoD cars.  The man at the gate asked her what she was doing and told her to go the the main gate.  She pointed out she was outside the fence and not intending to enter the base.  As he seemed fairly threatening Virginia stood her ground and said "I'm a UK citizen on UK soil, I have no intention of coming into your base, ...I come in peace" at which point his colleagues said "Of course ma'am no worries" and so did he.  So touchy feely stuff at the main gate only.  Or do they feel particularly threaten by a woman with two pretty little girls and a baby in a push chair?  Push chairs for peace next time?

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