Keep Space for Peace Local Action in Hiroshima

11 September, 2004

From: Satomi Oba

Dear friends,

We of Plutonium Action Hiroshima took action at the A bomb dome for two hours today afternoon. I asked many people to come, but there were only four of us, all women, who got together. It was a hot day and there were not many tourists passing by, though it was Saturday afternoon.

We hung two banners, saying "Keep Space for Peace,"and "War in Iraq is Criminal." One spoke with microphone, and others distributed flyers to the passers-by. In the beginning, we offered silent prayer for the victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, for 36,615 children starved to death in the world in one day on September 11, 2001, as well as the victims of the attack in the US.

Then one of our members, who is a professional classical singer, offered a song for the victims of 9/11.

We spoke to the people who visited the A Dome, and who were passing by, about the US attack on the innocent people in the name of "War on Terrorism," about the connection between the Bush administration and war industry, about the danger of Star Wars program and TMD, that Japan is being involved. We spoke about the recent crash of the US military helicopter in Okinawa, and planned deployment of Aegis destroyer to the Japan Sea, and how the concerned US citizens are opposing to the deployment of interceptors to Alaska and California before the election in November.

There was a journalist from the Mainichi Newspaper, and an independent photographer to watch and record our action.

As there were tourists from abroad, we sometimes talk to them in English.
I had been depressed not to expect many to join on the action on September 11, however presence of the three determined women energized me again.

We are producing the Japanese version of the GN poster. We plan to make 1000 copies as the previous years. I hope there will be more groups to join the Keep Space for Peace Week. Actually there are a lot of peace groups who are against the US bases in Japan, and against Japan's involvement in occupation of Iraq. The crash of the US helicopter and the military control of the investigation that excluded Japanese (Okinawan)police at the site has ignited peoples' fury.

I have to leave Japan for Europe in the end of this month, and will be back on October 9 after visiting Austria and Finland. I hope to distribute the poster and our information about Missile Defense before leaving. We are tiny groups, but we believe each other, and we believe that our future depends on the solidarity of the determined people in the world. I am proud that I am a member of GN.

Thank you very much for your dedication.

In peace,

Satomi Oba

Shin Yamasaki from Hiroshima

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