Report from Edmonton

October 11 2003

From Lucero Mariani
(revised by Marilyn Gaa and Michael Kalmanovitch)

One of us learned about the week of action on Sunday Oct. 5 while surfing the web for information on the US NMD program! We organized our rally in 5 days.

We had just over 40 people attending and got coverage by Global TV and 630 Ched radio.

We got good music from Ma Fletcher and Bernal Ibarra, empowering and informative talks from Hélène Narayana (a member of the New Democrat Party and a peace activist), Marilyn Gaa (social and peace activist, Canadian and US citizen) and myself, Lucero Mariani (soil scientist and activist).  On a beautiful sunny day, the visuals were very good, with blue Earth and Peace flags,  the red of our Canadian flag, our yellow banner and green and red sandwich boards anti-NMD.  We had also a table with information and post-cards "just say no to NMD" to be sent to the Prime Minister.

After 2 empowering songs from Ma Fletcher, I introduced the event by talking about the 66 events taking place this week in more than 11 countries. I mentioned world wide opposition to US NMD from the people as well as from some the key governments of China, Russia, France and Germany. I highlighted the danger for Canada in approving and participating in the US NMD. I finally point out the weakness of the Canadian peace movement on that issue and call for a strong citizen movement against NMD.

Marilyn Gaa developed what is behind that program that technically doesn't work: an increase of US hegemony through the control of space.  She announced her next crusade:  get the thousands of US citizens living in Canada to vote in order to defeat Bush.

Hélène Narayana point out the lack of information on the negotiations between the Canadian and US government on NMD as well as  the arrogant answers of the majority to the NDP questions on the subject.  She emphasised the need for political power to change the world and claimed the need for a change in the Canadian voting system. She finally urged the assembly to vote for the only party that strongly rejects Canadian participation in US NMD: the NDP.

The rally gave us a lot of energy to continue the fight!

We connected with an international network of action against weapons in space. The next step is to get connected to the Canadian network!

Thanks a lot to every one who came and made the success of the event.

Lucero Mariani, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow
University of Alberta
Department of Renewable Resources
442 Earth Sciences Building 
Phone : 1 780 - 492 6904
Edmonton AB T6G 2E3
Alberta, CANADA

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