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As performed at the GN Keep Space for Peace demonstration
 April 14 2000 in Wasington DC

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Follow the Money (heard at the Maine conference - see below)
Outsource This!
Farewell, Farewell, Rachel Corrie
Sisters of Sacred Earth and Space (for our sisters the Plowshares nuns)
No Nukes North
They Say the Cows are Mad, Dear
Stop the Bombs (for the Livermore action 2002)
A Mother Hopes for Peace
I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free

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We are the ones we have been waiting for


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[copyright: Holly Gwinn Graham 2000]
(Note: Sing the chorus whenever asterisks appear.)

Earth's population is getting out of hand, so
*We're planning a war in space!

We've got to keep 'em in control and under our command, so *

Ever since we found the atom could be split and used to kill,
We know if we don't build the bombs, some other bastards will,
And we know because we spy upon them all from Menwith Hill, *

The Air Force and the Pentagon are willing, come on...*

Too much damn democracy is chilling, so *

Those ignorant taxpayers don't know what we have in store,
The powerful among us always want a whole lot more,
Dominance and capital are what we're fighting for, so *

To hell with the Space Peace Treaty, *

With rogue Koreans, Iranians and Iraqis, so *

We can spend 6 billion in the blinking of an eye,
And never have to see the children as they drop and die,
We'll really pulverize 'em from our platform in the sky, *

We pledge allegiance to the country we love best
And to the ruling corporations.
Hail Microsoft, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin's
Greater GNP than many struggling nations!

(Where do you stand? Where do you stand? Tell me who ya' love! x 3)

Stop being wussies for the Brotherhood of Man, *

Why do we do it? We do it 'cause we can, *

We've got the right-wing Congress groveling down upon its knees,
We want another billion, Mr. Secretary, please,
So what if Russia and if China know they're in a squeeze? *

We miss the Gipper so damn much, *

Thanks to Clinton, Star Wars threats abound though Gipper's out-of-touch, and *

We'll rule the earth from heaven with our lasers aimed below,
With Echelon and satellites there's nothing we won't know!
They'll do just what we tell 'em or up in flames they'll go, *

For Aerojet, Hughes Space and TRW, *

For Lockheed Martin, Boeing and for NASA, *

We won't be free of CEOs when ruling from the skies.
The money-hungry shareholders have profits in their eyes.
They fire the whistleblowers when someone falsifies, *

We're talking irreversible denial, *

With Full Spectrum Dominance our style, *

NRO demands a Space Force, ISR, EELV,
The GPS is ready, we don't want CBTB! *

We're working with 3rd rate science, *

For Nuke-Based Laser reliance, *

The Demonstrator's on its way though problems may be rife,
The Interceptors miss and can't be counted on in strife,
But what the hell, just fake the tests and have a job for life!*

We won't sign Test Ban Treaty, because *

Who cares if the world is needy *

We just need 60 billion for our anti-missile base,
And Clinton wants to leave 'em with a smile upon their face,
So what if we obliterate the whole human race?
We're planning a war! (What're we fighting for?) We're planning a War in Space!


Follow the Money

[copyright: Holly Gwinn Graham 2004]
Performed at the Global Network Conference 2004

How many people have fallen in Iraq?
How many kids have been sent back
With injuries the Pentagon’s trying to hide?
22 so far have committed suicide
‘Cause they’re sick at heart and sick to the soul,
And no amount of medicine will make them whole.
But where are the billions? Where’s the money?
Gone to corporations, say it with me, honey...

(Chorus) Follow the money (response)
Follow the oil (response)
Follow the money (response)
Back to the masters of war...

Money to Bechtel, money to the Bushes,
Money to Carlyle Group’s war pushes,
Money to mercenaries, money to greed
While nobody else gets what they need.
Not enough food or clean water to drink,
Poor medical attention, living on the brink,
Breathing depleted uranium dust...
It’s another betrayal of the public trust.

Chorus as above

Lockheed, Bechtel, Halliburton
Getting all the billions so they’re not hurting,
While troops go poor with no counseling,
Americans are paying for the wrong damn thing!
We started 2 wars to the tune of a lie
And everyday more people die.
The peace movement told it like we said it before...
We’ve been bamboozled by another Bush war
With decimated countries that couldn’t fight back.
It looks like Palestine now in Iraq!


Millions march for peace, what does the media say?
Not “how many kids are going to die today?”
Not how all the billions are going to line
The pockets of the criminals making land mines,
Toadies to the contracting corporations
As W thumbs his nose at United Nations,
Killing in the name of democracy –
Well, it looks more like fascism to me!


Take a look around here. Who’s the guy?
Or the woman reporting to the FBI?
We’ve got to learn to spot ‘em in self-defense
‘Cause they’re the ones advocating violence.
They call us terrorists if we don’t agree,
“With us or against us”: hypocrisy!
Just look at the 9/11 Commission –
Condoleeza Rice and sins of omission!


Without Democracy Now! Where would we be?
And Alternative Radio, and T.U.C.?
Gil Scott Heron was right to advise
The revolution isn’t being televised.
Tell the FCC monopolies NO!
And listen to Free Speech Radio,
Because the corporate media’s all in bed
With the Pentagon, reporting what the generals said.


The USA’s become the beast
Giving to the rich, stealing from the least.
It’s money and power. It’s cold as ice,
Let poor people’s kids make the sacrifice.
Bomb the world - reduce it to rubble,
Just don’t burst the American bubble...
Don’t wake the jerks driving big Humvees,
So removed from reality.


Let’s send more help to Afghanistan...
It’s worse now than under the Taliban.
Occupation Forces out of Iraq!
Occupation Forces give the White House back!
Keep nukes and weapons out of space!
Missile Defense means a new arms race.
Old John Kerry better eat his spinach,
But God! I wish it could be Kucinich!

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