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Earth-friendly musician for children and adults
(360) 866-0257

(As performed at the GN Keep Space for Peace demonstration
 April 14 2000 in Wasington DC)

Holly's CDs:

"Love Will Lead Us" features 'Poison Arrow' and 'Planning a War in Space', both written for the Global Network. The CD also features songs for peace, justice and environmental awareness.

"Outsource This!" includes 'Stop the Bomb Where it Starts' about Livermore Labs in California; 'Sisters of Sacred Earth and Space' about the three nuns, members of the Global Network, who did time for a symbolic nuclear disarmament action; 'No Nukes North' written for the Alaskan Global Network team's resistance to nuclear silos in Fort Greeley; 'Follow the Money' and 'Outsource This!', rap songs that speak to the heart of the damages done to the US economy and reputation from senseless wars, as well as the foolhardiness of the failed program, Theatre Missile Defense. 

CDs can be ordered through by contacting Holly. A portion of each sale will benefit The Global Network.


A local reviewer said
"Hot! This could be the soundtrack for Farenheit 9/11!"


Follow the Money (heard at the Maine conference - see below)
Outsource This!
Farewell, Farewell, Rachel Corrie
Sisters of Sacred Earth and Space (for our sisters the Plowshares nuns)
No Nukes North
They Say the Cows are Mad, Dear
Stop the Bombs (for the Livermore action 2002)
A Mother Hopes for Peace
I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free

"I love each of you. Thanks for all you are doing, and thank you for your support" - Holly

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

(Download mp3 version of 1 verse - warning - 1.06MB file!!)

[copyright: Holly Gwinn Graham 2000]
(Note: Sing the chorus whenever asterisks appear.)

Earth's population is getting out of hand, so
*We're planning a war in space!

We've got to keep 'em in control and under our command, so *

Ever since we found the atom could be split and used to kill,
We know if we don't build the bombs, some other bastards will,
And we know because we spy upon them all from Menwith Hill, *

The Air Force and the Pentagon are willing, come on...*

Too much damn democracy is chilling, so *

Those ignorant taxpayers don't know what we have in store,
The powerful among us always want a whole lot more,
Dominance and capital are what we're fighting for, so *

To hell with the Space Peace Treaty, *

With rogue Koreans, Iranians and Iraqis, so *

We can spend 6 billion in the blinking of an eye,
And never have to see the children as they drop and die,
We'll really pulverize 'em from our platform in the sky, *

We pledge allegiance to the country we love best
And to the ruling corporations.
Hail Microsoft, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin's
Greater GNP than many struggling nations!

(Where do you stand? Where do you stand? Tell me who ya' love! x 3)

Stop being wussies for the Brotherhood of Man, *

Why do we do it? We do it 'cause we can, *

We've got the right-wing Congress groveling down upon its knees,
We want another billion, Mr. Secretary, please,
So what if Russia and if China know they're in a squeeze? *

We miss the Gipper so damn much, *

Thanks to Clinton, Star Wars threats abound though Gipper's out-of-touch, and *

We'll rule the earth from heaven with our lasers aimed below,
With Echelon and satellites there's nothing we won't know!
They'll do just what we tell 'em or up in flames they'll go, *

For Aerojet, Hughes Space and TRW, *

For Lockheed Martin, Boeing and for NASA, *

We won't be free of CEOs when ruling from the skies.
The money-hungry shareholders have profits in their eyes.
They fire the whistleblowers when someone falsifies, *

We're talking irreversible denial, *

With Full Spectrum Dominance our style, *

NRO demands a Space Force, ISR, EELV,
The GPS is ready, we don't want CBTB! *

We're working with 3rd rate science, *

For Nuke-Based Laser reliance, *

The Demonstrator's on its way though problems may be rife,
The Interceptors miss and can't be counted on in strife,
But what the hell, just fake the tests and have a job for life!*

We won't sign Test Ban Treaty, because *

Who cares if the world is needy *

We just need 60 billion for our anti-missile base,
And Clinton wants to leave 'em with a smile upon their face,
So what if we obliterate the whole human race?
We're planning a war! (What're we fighting for?) We're planning a War in Space!

Follow the Money

[copyright: Holly Gwinn Graham 2004]
Performed at the Global Network Conference 2004

How many people have fallen in Iraq?
How many kids have been sent back
With injuries the Pentagon’s trying to hide?
22 so far have committed suicide
‘Cause they’re sick at heart and sick to the soul,
And no amount of medicine will make them whole.
But where are the billions? Where’s the money?
Gone to corporations, say it with me, honey...

(Chorus) Follow the money (response)
Follow the oil (response)
Follow the money (response)
Back to the masters of war...

Money to Bechtel, money to the Bushes,
Money to Carlyle Group’s war pushes,
Money to mercenaries, money to greed
While nobody else gets what they need.
Not enough food or clean water to drink,
Poor medical attention, living on the brink,
Breathing depleted uranium dust...
It’s another betrayal of the public trust.

Chorus as above

Lockheed, Bechtel, Halliburton
Getting all the billions so they’re not hurting,
While troops go poor with no counseling,
Americans are paying for the wrong damn thing!
We started 2 wars to the tune of a lie
And everyday more people die.
The peace movement told it like we said it before...
We’ve been bamboozled by another Bush war
With decimated countries that couldn’t fight back.
It looks like Palestine now in Iraq!


Millions march for peace, what does the media say?
Not “how many kids are going to die today?”
Not how all the billions are going to line
The pockets of the criminals making land mines,
Toadies to the contracting corporations
As W thumbs his nose at United Nations,
Killing in the name of democracy –
Well, it looks more like fascism to me!


Take a look around here. Who’s the guy?
Or the woman reporting to the FBI?
We’ve got to learn to spot ‘em in self-defense
‘Cause they’re the ones advocating violence.
They call us terrorists if we don’t agree,
“With us or against us”: hypocrisy!
Just look at the 9/11 Commission –
Condoleeza Rice and sins of omission!


Without Democracy Now! Where would we be?
And Alternative Radio, and T.U.C.?
Gil Scott Heron was right to advise
The revolution isn’t being televised.
Tell the FCC monopolies NO!
And listen to Free Speech Radio,
Because the corporate media’s all in bed
With the Pentagon, reporting what the generals said.


The USA’s become the beast
Giving to the rich, stealing from the least.
It’s money and power. It’s cold as ice,
Let poor people’s kids make the sacrifice.
Bomb the world - reduce it to rubble,
Just don’t burst the American bubble...
Don’t wake the jerks driving big Humvees,
So removed from reality.


Let’s send more help to Afghanistan...
It’s worse now than under the Taliban.
Occupation Forces out of Iraq!
Occupation Forces give the White House back!
Keep nukes and weapons out of space!
Missile Defense means a new arms race.
Old John Kerry better eat his spinach,
But God! I wish it could be Kucinich!

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IS The Physics Chanteuse

As performed at the GN Keep Space for Peace demonstration
on April 2000 in Washington DC
and GN Conference in Leeds May 2001

Highly Recommended - Brilliantly Entertaining

by Lynda Williams

(A variation on 'Cheek to Cheek' by Irving Berlin, inspired by Kathleen Sullivan,
Performed on Hiroshima Day, August 6th, 2001 at LANL, Symposium 2001)

Heaven, War in Heaven
Gonna build a missile shield in Outer Space!
To protect us from evil rogue states.
Even if it starts a hi tech weapons race.

Which we'll win cuz we're entitled
To control and dominate
And cuz no one else is half as rich
To keep up with our spending rate.

And you know we're so much better
At building bombs than building peace.
So forget that silly NPT
And wimpy diplomacy.

NMD! Oh what a technical thrill!
Ooh the kill vehicles!
Space lasers give me the chills!

Heaven, War in Heaven!
And we won't be stopped by the ABM treaty!
As old and out of date as Dick Cheney.
'Masters of Space' is our manifest destiny!

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High School singer/song writer/student from Topsham, Maine

More of Morgana on youtube

"This is a song I wrote in the spring of 2014 about the peace walk organized by Bruce Gagnon in October 2013. The song is about the incredible reception we received from all the communities we passed through. I think that in the struggle for a more just and peaceful world, success depends not just on those who are on the front lines but also those make it possible for them to do that work."

by Morgana Warner Evans
(Download mp3 - 4MB file)

Walking past the pine trees and the fences and the stiles
Will this worn-out pair of sneakers carry me another mile
But I know that it's all worth it and that makes me carry on
For I know that you will welcome me when I pass through your town.

I started up in Bangor on a grey October day
And I joined with other activists who'd walked for many days
We walked for peace and freedom and against the killer drones
And though there were but few of us, we knew we weren't alone

Walking past the pine trees...

Some of us were drumming, and we chanted to the beat
And the sounding of the drums made us forget our weary feet
The logging trucks would honk and wave as they passed us by
And we raised our signs against the wind and the blue October sky.


Every town we stopped in, when the day was at a close
The people there would welcome us and open up their doors
And they gave us food and shelter for our stories and our songs
In the morning they would see us off, sometimes they'd come along.


But soon ten days were over and the walk was at an end
And it grieved our hearts most sorely to depart from all our friends
But when we create a world of peace, when we see this struggle through
I know that it will always be because of those like you.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

"A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority." - Henry David Thoreau

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Vic is the Chair of the SJC, a long-time prolific "Broadside Balladeer" and "Truth Troubadour", for which he has blogs and YouTube channels titled. See also "Berkeley Calling Blog" which supports the Free Speech activism of Berkeley.


by Vic Sadot

(Written for the Bruce Gagnon April 10, 2012 speech for the Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.
The song is a free mp3 at Sound Cloud/BroadsideBalladeer

US corporate killers want more weapons in space!
They want “full spectrum dominance” all over the place!
By land, air, and sea... and by satellite too!
And all throughout cyberspace they want to spy on you!


Full spectrum dominance is the policy
Making systemic violence and tyranny!
Full spectrum dominance makes us all the enemy!
But a better world is possible! This ain't the way it has to be!

No, it's not paranoia! It's legitimate fear!
The New World Order is already here!
If we don't want to descend into a stinkin' fascist state
We better make some better history before it's all too late!

Now the media manipulators make a false world view!
Make the victims the aggressors! Make the lies seem true!
Making death and destruction from tax dollars spent!
Making ill-begotten profits for the one percent!

They got the great historic jump on us by doing genocide
The holocaust on native Americans is still denied
Now depleted uranium weapons do the same
To Afghans and Iraqis! And it's done in our name!

They're banning demonstrations 'cept in “free speech zones”!
They're planning violations of what the law condones!
You know a human being is more than flesh, blood and bones!
Beware of those who joke about “sending in the drones”!

Come on now, People! Open up your eyes!
It's time to stop swallowing all these corporate lies!
It's time to be aware and care, and to be wise!
Come on now, People! Keep your eyes on the prize!

Copyright April 1, 2012 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

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As performed at the GN Keep Space for Peace

demonstration on April 14 in Wasington  DC

by Michael Scott Miller

I asked a child in India, who was begging on the street
"What would you wish for if you could?"
It wasn't much she wanted, just a little food to eat
Then she held her hand out where I stood.

I met a child in Ireland as I sat in church and prayed
"What would you wish for if you could?"
He looked at me with starry eyes
Where innocense still played
"Just grow up strong and to be good."

I asked a child in Africa underneath the blazing sun
"What would you wish for if you could?"
A slender arm reached out to me but an answer did not come
I said I thought I understood.


No little girl wished to dominate the world
Just let me be safe and free
No little boy asked for death instead of joy
Just be a man if I can
Not one reply mentioned weapons in the sky!
No little voice made that choice.

I met a child in East L.A. in the middle of the night
"What would you wish for if you could?"
He looked around with weary eyes
Though I thought I saw a light
"I want peace in my neighborhood."

I asked a child in your hometown as I walked along the street
"What would you wish for if you could?"
Right away she knew what would
Maker her young life complete
"Just lots of love, that would be good."


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JOEL LANDY (Songs of Freedom website)
718 / 937-2240

Watch Songs of Freedom on the web at

"If you don't like what's on TV then make your own!"

Yonder Starwars!
(Sung to tune of "Oh Susannah")

I've come to Alabama with my guitar on a plane.
In Huntsville is the drama and the reason that I came.


Yonder Starwars and weapons in the sky.
When they tell you it's about defense
You know that it's a lie.

The Pentagon wants higher ground for war in outer space,
But what they have in mind for us can end the human race.
160 nations came together to declare,
"Space is free for you and me. No military there!"


Ask defense contractors and the generals you know.
When there's no enemy on earth, there's one place left to go.
Destabilize the planet and you'll have your higher ground,
But what difference will it make if we are not around.


Plutonium is not a friend to any human bein'.
Explode some on a launching pad. You'll find out what I mean.
It's fuel for lasers out in space, though we haven't been told yet,
And the dice we roll in a new game called Global Russian Roulette.


At the space museum tourists and space campers find
A message of a war machine is planted in their mind.
Although they may not know it they are recruited by this place
To spread the word of High Command, “We are Masters of Space”.


We hear of rogue state psychos and the new states of concern.
With all the words that we have heard, what lesson do we learn?
160 nations, yet the USA persists.
We are the world's great power and its greatest terrorists.

Chorus (twice and end)

Which Side Are You On?

original words and music: Leadbelly - new words: Joel Landy, ©2002

Listen to me, people. A story I will tell
About a situation that can blow us all to hell.

After every verse

Which side are you on?  Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?  Which side are you on?

Surveillance from the heavens and weapons everywhere.
Is this how you choose to live?  Change things if you dare!

The greed of corporate power wants to keep you in your place
Controlling everything on earth and your life from outer space.

Universal slavery is what they have in mind.
It must be our bravery that will save humankind.

People can you stand it?  Tell me how you can
When the Bush Administration decides the fate of man?

If there is a first strike it must be with our voice.
The union of humanity will have the final choice.

Organize together. We can’t afford to stall.
You’ve got to make a choice, friends, before they kill us all.

Organize, good people.  Do it right away.
Say no to corporate government and death machines today.

Organize, good people.  Do it right away.
Say no to corporate government and death machines today.

Which side are you on?  Which side are you on?

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As performed (for example) at Menwith Hill and Fylingdales - March/July 2000

No More Star Wars
Words & Music

by Karl Dallas

Get your Spy Base outa my face
Get your ears offa my phone!
Don't want no wars,
'specially Star Wars,
Send your spies and your spooks back home!

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(As performed at the GN Conference 2004)
See Laurie's Band's website:


In 1964 on a sunny April day
A rocket didn’t make it to orbit and fell from the sky
A military satellite payload, that’s all they’d say
Atomic power system on board: the SNAP 9-A ...

As it disintegrated and burned it spread its load
Two pound of hot plutonium seeds were sown around
The soil in every continent and every latitude
Was later found to harbour the trace of the SNAP-9A ...

In one day we got twice as much fallout from SNAP-9A
As thirty years of nuclear tests in the atmosphere
And while we think Chernobyl was bad, and it was, to be sure
The deadly stuff Chernobyl put out: SNAP-9A twenty times more ...

Who built that faulty rocket? Who made the SNAP-9A?
Who else would shower us all with plutonium? The name’s GE
And now we plan to launch a lot more with plutonium on board
A one in thirty chance each explode like the SNAP-9A ...

The music (click on above for larger version)

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The Best Things in Space Ain’t Free

(Sung to tune of “The Best Things in Life are Free”
by BG DeSylva. Lew Brown and Ray Henderson)

The moon belongs to billionaires--
The best things in space ain’t free.
The stars are toys for zillionaires
They’re not there for you and me.
There’ll soon be a place
Way out there in space
Where lasers can zap
the whole damn map
The sky’s our brand new battleground--
The best things in space ain’t free.

There’s gold, they say, on asteroids--
The best things in space ain’t free.
If there’s a cure for haemorrhoids,
It’s prob’ly on Mercury.
The planet that shines
so pure and so fine
Will soon be a sad uranium mine--
And this is what our taxes buy--
The best things in space ain’t free.

(HUM tune during spoken part)

Ah, yes, boys and girls,
liberals and conservatives, independents,
Greens, libertarians, and astrologers:

The day is coming soon
when Orion the Hunter, Leo the Lion, cunning Cassiopeia,
The Big Dipper and its little nipper, The Little Dipper,
The full moon, the crescent moon,
the Blue moon and the Honeymoon
--Not to mention the Milky Way and the Mars Bar--
Will all be out of bounds, off limits,
away on the other side of the tracks,
for folks like you and me.

We can forget about dancing in the dark,
spooning ‘neath the moon,
singin’ in the rain
(which will be all misty with plutonium and strontium and tritium and all the other gritty-ittiums)--

The heavens will be the exclusive, gated communities
for Halliburton, Fox, GE, the Pentagon, Trump, Gates
and those elite few
who’ve got the deep, deep pockets in space.


They want to steal my sky from me,
My heaven of boundless blue
They’ve trashed it up with space debris,
Yeah, somebody oughta sue!
The poets can’t write of stars in the night,
The Pentagon’s got the copyright,


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