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Links and Relevant Websites

Campaigning Groups

Abolition 2000

Arctic Circle: "National Missile Defense: the Arctic Dimension." Available in 'Social Equity and Environmental Justice' section at:

Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition

Australian Nuclear Disarmament Party

Interactive map of Australian Nuclear sites

BASIC - British American Security Information Council

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Citizen Soldier - prepared to challenge U.S. militarism


Council for a Livable World

Federation of American Scientists
- Space Policy Project

Flyby News

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE)
- Nuclear Abolition Project

ICIS - Institute for Cooperation in Space

L.A. Catholic Worker, Pacific Life Community, and Vandenberg Witness

Nebraskans for Peace

No MD Campaign (Japan)

No Nukes North: Alaskan & Circumpolar Coalition

Oregon Peace Institute

Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament.
A non-partisan forum for parliamentarians and about parliamentary actions on nuclear disarmament issues.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Pressehuette Mutlangen

Reaching Critical Will

Save Jeju Island

Science for Peace

Traprock Peace Center

Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund

Vandenberg Information Brief

Vieques Libre!

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Yorkshire CND

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Military etc.

US Air Force Space Command Strategic Master Plan FY06

US Ballistic Missile Defense Program Documents

US NRO report on space control and domination

US Space Command - The Long Range Plan (html version)

US Space Command - Vision 2020 (pdf version)

Weather as a force multiplier

"Space Power Theory" by James Oberg

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Military Command and Control

US Air Force Space Command

US Air Force Research Laboratory

US Army Space Command

US Directed Energy Directorate

US Missile Defense Agency

US National Reconnaissance Office

Patrick AFB/Cape Canaveral

Peterson Air Force Base

Schriever AFB, Colorado (formerly Falcon AFB)

Space Warfare Center

US Strategic Command (Space Command)

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ABM Daily

Airpress - Italian Military Space magazine

Aviation Week & Space Technology

Florida Today Newspaper (Daily Newspaper of Cape Canaveral, Florida)

Space Daily

Space News (Weekly Aerospace Industry Publication)

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Defence & Aerospace Directory


National Space Society (Pro-Space Lobby Group Funded By Industry)

NASA Watch (Pro-commercialization site)

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Agencies, Centers, etc.

ESA - the European Space Agency

Marshall Space Flight Center
(NASA's leading facility working on the nuclear rocket)

Missile Defense Agency


NASA's page on Cassini

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA) - the focal point of the UN efforts to promote international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space

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An important Italian magazine about the military and military satellites

Audio from Radio Cognito on a conference on NMD with Karl Grossman in Toronto in 2000. Also aired on CMU 90.3 FM Seattle in January 2001 -

Federation of American Scientists
(Space Policy Project)
(on Star Wars)

No Cassini Fly-By Site

The Committee For Nuclear Responsibility (CNR)

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Non-Proliferation Project

The Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers

The Peace Report

Union of Concerned Scientists

Better World Links

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Other Relevant Articles

Michio Kaku's critique of Cassini

Space Probe Explodes, Plutonium Missing - the crash of Mars '96, by Karl Grossman in Covert Action Qurterly, issue no. 60, Spring 1997

Nuclear Pollution by Alan Wagner

What's Out in Space?
Online Schools - all kinds of information on space

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Treaties, etc.

Outer Space Treaty

Principles Relevant to the Use of Nuclear Power Sources In Outer Space

The ABM Treaty - from the Federation of American Scientists.

Details of the U.S. proposal on modifications to the ABM Treaty from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists - April 2000

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