Key Space Issues

Militarization of Outer Space & its Impacts on Global Security Environment

by Vladimir Kozin


The Satellite War

A review
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Support proposed treaties on The Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space

History of US votes for PAROS at UN

NASA Plans Moon base to Control Pathway to Space
By Bruce Gagnon
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When Satellites Collide!

Colliding Satellites: More Space Junk in Exactly the Wrong Place
By David Wright, Union of Concerned Scientists
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Space Debris: From Nuisance to Nightmare
By Mike Moore
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The European Union's steps towards the militarisation of space
by Frank Slijper

A TNI briefing paper in cooperation with Campagne tegen Wapenhandel [Dutch Campaign against the Arms Trade]
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The Very Bad Space Force Deal

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"Lost in Space - NASA at 50"
by Karl Grossman

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Other articles
by Karl Grossman


Missile Defense Programs in Fiscal Years 2009 and 2010 Budgets

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Dirty Dozen Annex

Research and report on
corporations involved in space weapons developed by

Reaching Critical Will
in coordination with
The Secure World Foundation

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and Updates from Sheila