Keeping Space for Peace

Keep Space for Peace Week
October 7-14 2017

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Would THAAD Protect South Korea?

New from The Peace Report

25th Annual GN Conference & Protest:

"Pivot Toward War: US Missile Defense
& the Weaponization of Space"

April 7-9 2017, Huntsville Alabama

Conference Report

The Next Frontier: Trump and Space Weapons

by Karl Grossman
Read here

Visit to India/Nepal
November 15-29 2016

Report and pictures

Stop making bombs in Sardinia

Report From Dave Webb on demonstration, 29 July

NATO - the Summit and the Protest:

Report from Warsaw, 8-9 July

The Scene of the Crime:

Bruce Gagnon at Odessa Trades Hall

Space Command Propaganda

New Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act Threatens Outer Space Treaty

More details here

Missile Defense systems threaten us all
 see two new videos fro the Global Network:

Part 1 - What is missile defense?
Part 2 - US missile defense systems in Europe and the Pacific


Please Sign Our New Petition:

"NASA, Congress: Stop all plans to use nuclear power in space - use solar power"
- you can read more and sign the petition
Also: See the new article by Karl Grossman:
"The Perils of Nuclear-Powered Space Flight"

Spy Station: US funnels $317mn into UK intel hub used by NSA

Read report from the Independent

How Drones Use Satellites

The US Distributed Common Ground System

How Obama spent
$1.11 trillion in 2015

(Click on above for larger version and more information)


Satellite launches

NRO finds plenty of ways to burn through $15 billion annual budget
by Loring Wirbel

STRATCOM 2011 and Beyond

a presentation narrated by Loring Wirbel


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