Keeping Space for Peace

The Aggresive Defense Space Strategy

by Karl Grossman

How Military Satellites Spy on You

Latest GN video by Will Griffin
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War in Space: Weaponising the Final Frontier
and building a global citizen movement to stop it!

a WEBINAR from the GN and Yorkshire CND
Friday April 17th 2020
View it here

Trump Signs Executive Order to Mine the Moon

Another excellent "Keep Space for Peace" video by Will Griffin
The Peace Report

Listen to "Saying NO to the militarization of space" on Spreaker.
Saying No to the Militarization of Space
US Making Outer Space the Next Battle Zone

Interview with Karl Grosman

The Pentagon Plans to Build a Billion Dollar Missile defence Radar on Sacred Hawaiian Ground

by Lynda Wlliams
Also: Protests shaping up
and: radar delayed

International Conference on Super Powers' Dominion in Outer Space & Global Sustainable Development

A GN & Damodaram Sanjivaya National Law University Conference
in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
12-13 October 2019
Conference brochure & Details
Report from the conference

Just say NO to Space Force!

A "Keep Space for Peace" video by Will Griffin of The Peace Report

Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space

Another excellent "Keep Space for Peace" video by Will Griffin
The Peace Report

Analyzing the Role of Weapons and Nuclear Power in Outer Space

RT interview with Bruce Gagnon

What is Israel doing in Alaska?

Israel to test Arrow 3 missiles at Kodiak
- a video by Will Griffin of The Peace Report

Who Profits from War? Top 10 Largest Weapons Companies

Video by Veterans For Peace (VFP) and GN Board Member Will Griffin


Would THAAD Protect South Korea?

New from The Peace Report

The Scene of the Crime:

Bruce Gagnon at Odessa Trades Hall

Space Command Propaganda

New Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act Threatens Outer Space Treaty

More details here

Missile Defense systems threaten us all
 see two new videos fro the Global Network:

Part 1 - What is missile defense?
Part 2 - US missile defense systems in Europe and the Pacific


Spy Station: US funnels $317mn into UK intel hub used by NSA

Read report from the Independent

How Drones Use Satellites

The US Distributed Common Ground System

The United States spends more on its Military than 144 Countries Combined

More details


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