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Protest the Cornwall space launch

Saturday 29th October, Noon – 2pm: Protest outside Newquay Airport St Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4RQ Meet at West Car Park entrance. Public transport details here.  Car parking costs £5 for 2 hours. The first space launch from UK soil will take place sometime during the first two week of  November with a ‘launch window’, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) opening on  October 29. While the launch is being presented as a step forward for the civil space industry – with Virgin’s commercial space ambitions being heavily promoted – the rocket will launch two military satellites (that we know...

Space Maneuvers: The Future Perplexities

The main objective of this Conference is to utilise this platform to discuss the contemporary issues and challenges in outer space pertinent to warfares with an analysis based on legal, political, economic as well as the scientific aspect in order to ensure peace and security in the international sphere.

More details: Conference page

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