‘No Militarization of Space Act’ introduced in Congress

By Karl Grossman, Published by Nation of Change, 4 October, 2021 It is sponsored by five members of the House of Representatives led by Representative Jared Huffman called the U.S. Space Force “costly and unnecessary.” A “No Militarization of Space Act”—which would abolish the new U.S. Space Force—has been introduced

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Credit: Slingshot Laboratory

Slingshot launches interactive tool to make the complexities of space more accessible

By Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 29 September 2021 CEO Melanie Stricklan: 'The growing space industry needs top talent but many are not trained in fundamental spaceflight astrodynamics' WASHINGTON — An interactive simulation of the space environment developed by Slingshot Aerospace for military satellite operators is now being offered commercially,

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X-40: Bust or Birth of Space Force?

By Peter Suclu, Published by the National Interest, 23 September 2021 Was it autonomous mastery? Here’s What You Need to Remember: "Up until the autonomous landing of the X-40A in 1998, no one had demonstrated that an unmanned space vehicle with such a low lift-to-drag ratio, and a high angle-of-attack landing

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Current (left) and planned (right) missile warning architecture. Credit: Government Accountability Office

GAO steps up criticism of Space Force’s missile-warning satellite procurement

by Sandra Erwin, Published by SpaceNews, 22 September 2021 GAO: 'Despite early steps to speed up development, the Next-Gen OPIR program faces significant technical and managerial challenges' WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force is providing Congress overly optimistic projections about the schedule and cost of next-generation early warning satellites, the

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