MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle flies a combat mission over southern Afghanistan (Wikipedia)

Game-Changing Mission! US Demonstrates Capability To Operate Its ‘Deadly Reapers’ Via Satellites As China Threat Intensifies

By Tanmay Kadam, Published by Eurasian Times, 13 August 2022 The MQ-9 Reapers participated for the first time in the annual Valiant Shield Exercise this year, proving its agility and mission relevance to the US Indo-Pacific Command’s Joint Force by demonstrating various capabilities for the Reaper agile combat employment (RACE)

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5 Weapons You’ll See on the Battlefield of the Future, Influenced by Russia’s War in Ukraine

By Kyle Mizokami, Published by Popular Mechanics, 1 August 2022 The war in Ukraine, like every war, has seen innovation and the rise of new weapon systems.The five-month-old war has elevated drones, rockets, and electronic warfare as new masters of the battlefield.Weapons like HIMARS rocket systems were primed and ready

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