Concept of near future when robot dogs are used to assist police forces on assignments. The robot dog in the image has a camera mounted on top of the body. mikkelwilliam / GETTY

What 5G Will Actually Do for the U.S. Military

By Patrick Tucker, Published by Defense One, 10 June 2021 Lots of sensors, lots of data, open up the possibilities of energy conservation, better security, robot teaming, and much more, military experiments show. Imagine a city where self-driving electric cars anticipate when and where their passengers will need a lift

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The State Of Mass Surveillance

By Robert E.G. Beens,Published by Forbes, 20 September 2020 The U.S. Patriot Act, devised and enacted only weeks after 9/11 in 2001, has become a huge symbol of the massive expansion of government surveillance in the U.S. Twelve years later, in 2013, Edward Snowden’s release of National Security Agency (NSA)

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