Letter to Optus

May 16 2003

From: Global Network Conference, Melbourne

Mr. Chris Anderson
Sydney, Australia

Dear Mr. Anderson:

As leaders of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space we wish to express our deep concern about plans of Optus and the Australian government to launch a military satellite into space.

Not only will the enormous cost impact the delivery of social services in your country, but more importantly, the launch will initiate Australia’s participation in the militarization of space which will in the end have a destabilizing impact on the entire world.

The rush to “get into the space game” by leading aerospace corporations around the world should be vigorously debated at every national level. The results of a new arms and technology race in space will change the dynamics of the planet. The use of space technology to intercept communications will directly impact civil rights and constitutional rights to privacy.

The use of space to prepare and plan for war will violate the spirit and the intent of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty at the United Nations. Major moral and ethical questions about moving the arms race into the heavens now face the world community.

As representatives of organizations throughout the world we must urge Optus and the Australian government to stand back from active participation in the militarization of space. Instead we urge your participation in our global campaign to keep space for peace.


Atsushi Fujioka (Japan)
Bruce Gagnon (USA)
Jacob Grech (Australia)
Dr Michio Kaku (USA)
Dr Hannah Middleton (Australia)
Sri Raman J. (India)
Gareth Smith (Australia)
Adi Ema Tagicakibau (Fiji)
Dr. Dave Webb (UK)

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