Actions to Oppose The Star Wars Program and War in Central Asia

October 13 2001

Bruce Gagnon

On October 13 an International Day of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space will be held worldwide.  Currently, protest events are planned in 19 nations and at 109 locations.  Many of the actions will also call for peaceful and legal solutions to recent terrorist attacks instead of more violence and a spiraling of civilian deaths and revenge.

The October 13 actions are being organized by the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space and have been endorsed by 266 organizations around the world.

"Recent events show that the use of violence to resolve human conflict only creates more hatred and more killing," said Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network.  "Instead of moving toward creating more global stability through multilateral arms control agreements and economic justice, the U.S. is now moving toward 'control and domination' of space that will give it the military capability to literally win all wars on the Earth.  This is being viewed by most nations in the world as a dangerous unilateral step that in the end will create more global chaos."

According to Global Network Board member Regina Hagen in Germany, "The picture is becoming clearer all the time.  'Missile defense' is the Trojan horse - the foot in the door - the way to sell Star Wars as a defensive system.  Then, once missile defense is deployed, the Space-Based Laser program would be put into motion.  In the end, hundreds of billions of dollars will be wasted in order to help the U.S. Space Command become the 'Master of Space'.  Now is the time for people around the world to act in order to keep space for peace.  War in space will mean more war on the Earth below."

"The October 13 protests represent the largest grassroots global expression against moving the arms race into space ever held," said Gagnon.

Below is the current list of planned October 13 events worldwide:

Where is the action nearest you? - click on a red dot to find out


Reports from Actions


  1. Action des Citoyens pour le Desarmement Nucleaire (France)

  2. Action for Nuclear Disarmament (Cape Cod, MA)

  3. Action NOW!

  4. Activist San Diego (California)

  5. Action for Peace (FoE Melbourne, Australia)

  6. A Food Not Bombs Menu (Tucson, AZ)

  7. Alaska Community Action on Toxics (Anchorage)

  8. Alaskans Against NMD

  9. AlliantAction (Minnesota)

  10.  All India Letter Writers Association

  11.  American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

  12.  Amnesty Intíl (USF, Tampa)


  14.  APDH Human Rights Organization (Bariloche, Argentina)

  15.  Arizona Institute for Peace Education & Research (Tempe)

  16.  Article 9 Society (Kansai Area, Osaka, Japan)

  17.  Asheville Area War Tax Resistance

  18.  Association pour le Dialogue des Cultures (France)

  19.  Association of World Citizens

  20.  Atomic Mirror

  21.  Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition

  22.  Australian Peace Committee

  23.  Baltimore Emergency Response Network

  24.  Baltimore Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee

  25.  Bangladesh Campaign to Ban Landmines (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

  26.  Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation (UK)

  27.  Bloomington Peace Action Coalition (IN)

  28.  Bolton CND (UK)

  29.  Border Women's/Mujeres Fronterizas (Texas/Mexico)

  30.  Boston Mobilization for Survival (MA)

  31.  Brandywine Peace Community (PA)

  32.  Brooklyn Peace Action (N.Y.)

  33.  CAAB (UK)

  34.  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (UK)

  35.  Cape Cod FOR (MA)

  36.  Catholic Action Network

  37.  Center for Social Action (Manhattanville College, N.Y.)

  38.  Central Coast Friends Meeting (San Luis Obispo, CA)

  39.  Central Coast Peace & Environmental Council (San Luis Obispo, CA)

  40.  Centre for Peace Studies (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

  41.  Checkmate: Winning Strategies for Environmental Peace (Vergennes,VT)

  42.  Chester River Monthly Meeting (Chestertown, MD)

  43.  Christian Democrats USA (Tampa, FL)

  44.  Christians Opposing the Militarization of Outer Space (Louisville KY)

  45.  Citizens Budget Campaign of Western PA.

  46.  Citizens Democracy Watch (Florence, OR)

  47.  Citizens for Legitimate Government

  48.  Citizens for Peace in Space (Colorado Springs, CO)

  49.  Citizen Soldier (New York, N.Y.)

  50.  City of Arcata Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Commission (CA)

  51.  Cleveland Peace Action (Ohio)

  52.  Coalition for World Peace (Los Angeles, CA)

  53.  Coastal Convergence Society (Huntington Beach, CA)

  54.  Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Denver)

  55.  Columbus Campaign for Arms Control (Ohio)

  56.  Comite de surveillance de líOTAN (Belgium)

  57.  Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)

  58.  Communist Party USA

  59.  Community Anti-Nuclear Network of Western Australia

  60.  Community First Coalition (San Francisco, CA)

  61.  CPPAX Ė Nuclear Weapons Abolition Task Force (MA)

  62.  CT Coalition to Stop Star Wars (Hartford)

  63.  Darmstadter Friedensforum (Germany)

  64.  Disclosure Project

  65.  Ecological Life Systems Institute (San Diego, CA)

  66.  Educators for Social Responsibility (Metro N.Y.)

  67.  Environment Centre of the Northern Territory (Darwin, Australia)

  68.  Environmental & Peace Education Center (Ft Myers, FL)

  69.  Fellowship of Reconciliation (Nyack, N.Y.)

  70.  Fellowship of Reconciliation (Olympia, WA Chapter)

  71.  Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice

  72.  Friends of the Earth Australia

  73.  Flyby News

  74.  Franciscan Sisters of Rochester, MN (Justice & Peace Network)

  75.  Fylingdales Action Network (England)

  76.  Globalise Resistance (UK)

  77.  Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

  78.  Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (New York)

  79.  Grandmothers for Peace Intíl

  80.  Grandmothers for Peace (San Luis Obispo County, CA)

  81.  Grassington and District Peace Group (UK)

  82.  Green Earth Organization (Ghana)

  83.  Green Party (Cuyahoga County, OH)

  84.  Green Party Florida

  85.  Greens (Lower Cape Cod, MA)

  86.  Greens (Mid Cape Cod, MA)

  87.  Greens (Upper Cape Cod, MA)

  88.  Greens/Green Party USA

  89.  Green Party of Brevard County (Florida)

  90.  Green Party of Hillsborough County (Florida)

  91.  Green Party of Manatee County (Florida)

  92.  Green Party of Michigan

  93.  Green Party of Ohio

  94.  Green Party of Pinellas County (Florida)

  95.  Green Party of San Luis Obispo County (CA)

  96.  Green Party of Sarasota County (Florida)

  97.  Green Party of Scott County (Arkansas)

  98.  Green Party of Skagit County (Washington)

  99.  Green Party of the United States

  100.  Green Party of Ventura County (California)

  101.  Green Party of Washington County (Arkansas)

  102.  Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (Poulsbo, WA)

  103. Gensuikyo (Tokyo, Japan)

  104. Headingley Green Party (UK)

  105. Headingly & Kirsktall CND (UK)

  106. Healing Ourselves & Mother Earth (Tecopa, CA)

  107. High Desert Catholic Worker (Valyermo, CA)

  108. High Desert Greens (Pearblossom, CA)

  109. Holland Peacemakers (Holland, MI)

  110. Homes Not Bombs (Toronto, Canada)

  111. Hopedance Magazine (San Luis Obispo, CA)

  112. ICCR Militarism & Violence Resolution Issue Group (NYC)

  113. Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

  114. Impact Press (Orlando, FL)

  115. Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection (Nagpur, India)

  116. Initiative for Immediate Change in Energy Politics (Trier, Germany)

  117. Institute for Cooperation in Space (Ventura, CA)

  118. Intíl Association of Educators for World Peace

  119. Intíl Center for Peace & Justice

  120. Intíl Parliament for Safety & Peace (India)

  121. Intíl Peace Bureau (Geneva, Switzerland)

  122. Intíl Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Belgian Branch)

  123. Intíl Youth & Student Movement for the U.N.

  124. Iowa Peace Network (Des Moines)

  125. Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

  126. Ithaca Coalition for Global Justice (New York)

  127. Japanese Descent Human Rights (N.Y.)

  128. Joan Russow, Global Compliance Research Project (Victoria, Canada)

  129. Jonah House (Baltimore, MD)

  130. Just Peace Committee (UCC) New Orleans

  131. Kodiak Rocket Launch Group (Alaska)

  132. Korean Committee Against MD and for Peace

  133. Latin American Circle for Intíl Studies (Mexico City)

  134. Linking Peace and Life (Japan)

  135. Little Flower Catholic Worker (Goochland, VA)

  136. Loretto Disarmament/Economic Conversion Committee

  137. Los Alamos Study Group (New Mexico)

  138. Los Angeles/Orange County Coalition to Stop the War (CA)

  139. Maine Green Independent Party

  140. Maine Veterans for Peace

  141. Maryknoll Affiliates Global Concerns Committee

  142. Massachusetts Green Party

  143. Massachusetts Peace Action

  144. Mauritius Action for Disarmament & Peace

  145. Medical Association for Prevention of War (Western Australia Branch)

  146. Merrimack Valley People for Peace (North Andover, MA)

  147. Metaphoria

  148. Mid-Missouri Peaceworks (Columbia)

  149. Monroe County Green Party (IN)

  150. Mouvement de la paix (France)

  151. Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (Chennai, India)

  152. Mouvement Chretien pour la Paix (Belgium)

  153. Munich American Peace Committee (Germany)

  154. National Christian Council in Japan (Peace & Nuclear Issues Committee)

  155. Natural Health Centre (India)

  156. Nevada Desert Experience

  157. New Mexico Peace Action

  158. North Carolina Peace Action

  159. North Coast Xpress (California)

  160. North Dakota Peace Coalition

  161. North Suburban Peace Iniative (Chicago, IL)

  162. Norwich CND (England)

  163. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA)

  164. Nuclear Free Takoma Park Committee (MD)

  165. Nuclear Free New York

  166. Nuclear Peace Action Group (Mendocino, CA)

  167. Nuclear Watch of New Mexico (Santa Fe)

  168. Nukewatch (Luck, WI)

  169. OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, Ecology (Fayetteville, AR)

  170. Oregon PeaceWorks

  171. Pace e Bene Franciscan Center for Nonviolence

  172. Patriots for Peace (Ft Walton Beach, FL)

  173. Pax Christi Florida

  174. Pax Christi (Marquette, MI)

  175. Pax Christi (Metro New York)

  176. Pax Christ (New Orleans, LA)

  177. Pax Christi (St Louis University Chapter)

  178. Pax Christi USA

  179. Peace Action

  180. Peace Action Maine

  181. Peace Alliance Winnipeg (Canada)

  182. Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois/Fellowship of  Reconciliation

  183. Peace Foundation Aotearoa/New Zealand

  184. Peace & Justice Alliance (Seattle, WA)

  185. Peace Movement Aotearoa/New Zealand

  186. Peace Taxpayers

  187. Peninsula Peace & Justice Center (Palo Alto, CA)

  188. People for Nuclear Disarmament (Western Australia)

  189. Pikes Peace Justice & Peace Commission (Colorado Springs)

  190. P.L.A.G.E. (Salzburg, Austria)

  191. Plutonium Action Hiroshima (Japan)

  192. Plutonium Free Future (Berkeley, CA)


  194. Promoting Enduring Peace (CT)

  195. Proposition One (Washington DC)

  196. Queers For Racial & Economic Justice (N.Y.)

  197. Raytheon Peacemakers, Central Massachusetts

  198. Reality News Network (Palm Beach County, FL)

  199. Resource Center for Peace & Justice (Brewster, MA)

  200. Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center (Boulder, CO)

  201. Svend J. Robinson (MP) New Democratic Party (Canada)

  202. Sacramento-Yolo Peace Action (CA)

  203. Sacred Earth & Space Plowshares

  204. Safe Space (Charlottesville, VA)

  205. San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Challenge (CA)

  206. San Jose Peace Center (CA)

  207. San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (CA)

  208. Save Our World (Vermont)

  209. Scientists for Indigenous People

  210. SHALOM, Intíl Network for Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, S.S.N.D.

  211. Shundahai Network

  212. Sisters of Loretto (Denver, CO)

  213. Social Action Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian  Universalists (CA)

  214. Social Justice Committee Ė Monthly Friends Meeting (Boulder, CO)

  215. Socialist Party USA

  216. South Dakota Peace & Justice Center

  217. Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum

  218. SPARK (South Korea)

  219. STAND (University of Akron, OH)

  220. Steering Committee for the World Day of Actions (Japan)

  221. St. Louis Economic Conversion Project (MO)

  222. Students Against Nuclear Insanity and for a Tomorrow for Youth (N.Y.) 223)  Sustainable Commuity Roundtable (Olympia, WA)

  223. Swedish Green Youth

  224. Swedish Peace Committee

  225. Swedish Peace Council

  226. The Article Nine Society Hiroshima (Japan)

  227. The Nuclear Resister

  228. Theosophical Order of Service Peace Department (Tucson, AZ)

  229. The Peace & National Priorities Center (Oakland County MI)

  230. Thomas Merton Center (Pittsburgh, PA)

  231. Toronto Action for Social Change (Canada)

  232. Traprock Peace Center (Deerfield, MA)

  233. Tri-Valley CAREs (Livermore, CA)

  234. UNYFY (Union of New York Free Youth)

  235. U.S. Peace Council

  236. Vandenberg Action Coalition (CA)

  237. Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (Canada)

  238. Veterans for Peace

  239. Veterans for Peace (Gainesville, FL)

  240. Veterans for Peace (Great Lakes Region, MN)

  241. Veterans for Peace (Ipswich, MA)

  242. Voice of Women (Quebec, Canada)

  243. Waltham Greens (MA)

  244. War Resisters League (New York, NY)

  245. War Resisters League (Asheville, N.C. Local)

  246. Western N.C. Physicians for Social Responsibility (Asheville)

  247. Western States Legal Foundation (Oakland, CA)

  248. West Marin Radio Project (California)

  249. Women for Peace (Denmark)

  250. Women for Peace (Berlin, Germany)

  251. WILPF  (German Section)

  252. WILPF (Cape Cod, MA)

  253. WILPF (Ann Arbor, MI)

  254. WILPF (Asheville, NC)

  255. WILPF (Bloomington & Brown County, IN)

  256. WILPF (British Columbia Branch, Canada)

  257. WILPF (Hartford, CT)

  258. WILPF (NY Metro Network)

  259. WILPF (Palo Alto, CA)

  260. WILPF (San Francisco, CA)

  261. WILPF (Santa Barbara, CA)

  262. WILPF (Santa Cruz, CA)

  263. WILPF (U.S. Section)

  264. Women Speak Out for Peace & Justice/WILPF (Cleveland, OH)

  265. World Peace Now (Sarasota, FL)

  266. YARMOUK (Damascus, Syria)

  267. Yorkshire CND (UK)

  268. Young Koreans United of USA (Los Angeles, CA)

  269. Youth Approach for Development & Cooperation (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

  270. 8th Day Center for Justice (Chicago, IL)


  1. Adelaide, Australia

  2. Albuquerque, N.M.

  3. Amherst, MA (Town Common - Oct 13)

  4. Amherst College, MA (Star Wars Returns video - Oct 10)

  5. Anchorage, Alaska (Valley of the Moon Park)

  6. Ann Arbor, MI

  7. Arcata, CA

  8. Baltimore, MD (Fort Meade - NSA HQ)

  9. Bangor Subase, WA

  10. Bath, Maine

  11. Beale AFB (CA)

  12. Berlin, Germany

  13. Boeing (Seattle, WA)

  14. Boeing (Mukilteo, WA)

  15. Bloomington, IN

  16. Boston, MA (Oct 3 - "Common Security-Don't Arm the Heavens" panel)

  17. Boston, MA (Oct 10 - Vigil at Park Tree Subway station)

  18. Brattleboro, VT (Star Wars Returns video - Oct 9)

  19. Buckley AFB (CO)

  20. Burlington, VT

  21. Cape Cod Air Station, MA (Pave Paws Radar Facility)

  22. Charlottesville, VA

  23. Chennai, India

  24. Chicago, IL

  25. Cleveland State University (Keep Space for Peace Conference)

  26. Columbia, MO (Post Office - 6th & Walnut)

  27. Damascus, Syria

  28. Des Moines, IA (Federal Building)

  29. Dhaka, Bangladesh

  30. Duluth, MN

  31. Edwards AFB (California)

  32. Ellsworth AFB (South Dakota)

  33. Fairbanks, Alaska

  34. Fayetteville, AR

  35. Florence, Oregon

  36. France (Pyrenean mountain:Observatoire Pic du Midi de Bigorre)

  37. France (Civilian space observatory in the "Midi de Bigorre" mountain - Oct 14)

  38. Fylingdales, England (BMD Radar Facility)

  39. Guwahati Citizens Peace Committee, Assam, India

  40. Hartford, CT

  41. Hiroshima, Japan

  42. Huntsville, Alabama

  43. Isahaya City, Japan

  44. Ithaca, N.Y.

  45. Kennedy Space Center (Titusville, Florida)

  46. Kodiak, Alaska

  47. Lockheed Martin (Eagan, MN)

  48. Lockheed Martin (Moorestown, NJ)

  49. Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale, CA)

  50. Lockheed Martin (Valley Forge, PA)

  51. London, England

  52. Los Alamos, NM

  53. Mankato, MN

  54. Melbourne, Action for Peace, FoE

  55. Menwith Hill, England (BMD Ground Relay Station)

  56. Mexico City, Mexico

  57. Milwaukee, WI

  58. Munich, Germany

  59. Nagpur, India

  60. Nevada Test Site (Sunrise Service)

  61. New Haven, CT

  62. New York, N.Y. (Washington Square Park)

  63. Olympia, WA

  64. Osaka, Japan

  65. Ottawa, Canada (Oct 5-6)

  66. Palo Alto, CA

  67. Paris, France

  68. Perth, Australia (U.S. Consulate - Oct 12)

  69. Peterson AFB (Colorado Springs, CO)

  70. Philadelphia, PA

  71. Phoenix, AZ

  72. Pittsburgh, PA (Oct 3)

  73. Portland, Maine

  74. Port Louis, Mauritius

  75. Raytheon (Andover, MA - Oct 12)

  76. Raytheon (Tucson, AZ)

  77. Saintes, France

  78. Salt Lake City, Utah

  79. San Francisco, CA (Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard)

  80. Santa Fe, N.M. (Cerrillos Rd & St. Francis Drive)

  81. Seoul, South Korea (Oct 11-13)

  82. Stamford, CT

  83. Stennis Missile Testing Center (Mississippi)

  84. Stockholm, Sweden

  85. St Louis, MO

  86. Stuttgart, Germany

  87. Takoma Park, MD (City Hall)

  88. Taos, NM

  89. Tokyo, Japan (Oct 12 forum)

  90. Tokyo, Japan (Oct 14 protest)

  91. Toledo, OH

  92. TRW HQ (Cleveland, OH - Oct 12 & 14)

  93. TRW (Fowlerville, MI)

  94. USAF Feltwell (Norfolk, England)

  95. USAF Lakenheath (Suffolk, England)

  96. U.S. Consulate (Perth, Australia - Oct 12)

  97. U.S. Consulate (Sydney, Australia)

  98. U.S. Embassy (Accra, Ghana)

  99. U.S. Embassy (Bucharest, Romania)

  100. U.S. Embassy (Dublin, Ireland)

  101. U.S. Embassy (Stockholm, Sweden)

  102. U.S. Embassy (Tokyo, Japan)

  103. U.S. Embassy (Vienna, Austria)

  104. Victoria, Canada

  105. Vandenberg AFB  (California)

  106. Washington DC (White House)

  107. Weapon Industri-Terma (Lystrup, Denmark)

  108. Wellington (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

  109. Westport, CT

  110. White Sands Missile Test Range, N.M.

  111. Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

  112. Woodstock, N.Y. (Village Green)

Reports from Actions

Meanwhile, testing of the Missile Defense system is scheduled to resume this month at Vandenberg AFB in California.  The Pentagon is also dangerously promoting Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) deployments in the Middle East and Asia, which will provoke regional escalations of nuclear and conventional weapons development.  It is worthy to note that the number one industrial export of the U.S. today is weapons.

October 13 protest sites are still being added each day.  To see the current list of actions, and worldwide sponsoring groups, check the Global Network's web site at:

Note to Editors & Assignment Desks:  Media seeking the actual Pentagon plans for "control and domination" of space can obtain them by clicking on Space Command's web site at:

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