Why Am I here Today

By Yumi Kikuchi/ Author,
Peace & Environmental Activist

April 16, 2009

I am here today thanks to Atsushi Fujioka who invited me to come as an interpreter to the Japanese delegation.  My work has been to write, speak and translate on environment, health and peace.  I am here today because I want our children to live in peace and harmony I am also here today because it is my joy to meet with people with different ideas and background working for peace.  I simply love to travel and to see happy faces wherever I go.  Look around you!

I do not want our precious resources, money and talent spent on missile defense that would not really make the planet more secure.  Missile Defense not only wastes our money and resources, but also deprives our future.  The same money should be spent on peace building, reconciliation, environmental protection and restoration.

Today, war and poverty is hurting so many people all over the world, especially children.  We can’t afford spending billions of dollars for war. It is time for humans to stop relying on weapons and threat to use them to solve conflicts. As a result of environmental degradation, the very existence of all life on earth is in danger. Isn’t it time for us to graduate from war and war-dependent economy? Imagine what can be possible if we use the world military expenditure (more than 1 trillion dollars) for improving our quality of life!

I believe each of us can make a difference to create more peaceful and sustainable world on personal level.

I was born and raised in downtown Tokyo and lived there until I move to a small country city of Kamogawa 10 years ago.  I have been involved with various environmental movements while living in the city such as tropical rain forest conservation, ocean conservation, plutonium free future and so on.

But since I moved to the country, I started growing rice and vegetables organically.  Now, we grow almost all we eat in our own organic garden.

The 10 years of experience of growing rice, vegetables and fruits has changed my life dramatically. First of all, I have become much younger and healthier.  I am older than I look (guess how old I am!) but I have more energy than in my 20s.  My husband and children are also very healthy and we have no medical bill. We have renovated 200-year old farm house into a guest house and it is now called “Harmonics Life Center”.  It is a place for workshops and retreats.   There are 1000 or more books on peace, environment, health and spirituality and you can stay here to learn and experience sustainable life style and organic food.

Since Sep 11, 2001, my life has been changed forever.  I wake up to the calling of creating peace on earth; I realized then it was my mission.  Listening to J.W Bush’s declaration of War on Terror, I knew immediately the war can not overcome the terrorism. Bombing and killing more people just create more agony and suffering and it will create more violence.

So, right after 9-11, I launched Global Peace Campaign which still continues today.  Visit www.globalpeace.jp if you are interested. The immediate goal of the Campaign is to end War on Terror, but ultimate goal is to create peace on earth where each one of us can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Like you are, I am committed to create peace on earth.  I believe peace starts with me, each one of us in the heart.  So, I am happy today to meet with so many people who have similar mission.  After all, I am here to be friends with you.

Thank you very much for allowing me to speak in front of so many people who are also committed to create peace. on earth.

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