From the Front Line: Star Wars & Globalisation
International Conference on Missile Defence, Globalisation and the Militarisation of Space

5-6 October 2002

Students Union Building, Sheffield University, UK

Organised by Yorkshire CND and Sheffield CND. 
Hosted by Sheffield Student CND

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Missile defence is one of the US’s biggest military projects.  By using space-based lasers, nuclear-tipped interceptors and ground relay stations they plan to develop a military shield capable of protecting them from limited missile attacks.  But is the system really about defence?
  • Missile Defence will give the US  the ability to strike a country first and defend against limited retaliation.

  • It will allow  the US to develop space as the “fourth medium of warfare”, as US Space Command puts it.

  • It has the potential to lead to a new arms race as other states try to redress the military imbalance.

  • It will take the US one step closer to its military objective of “full spectrum dominance” - dominance over land, sea, air and space.

  • By using military bases in the UK, Greenland and Australia, it will put those states in the firing line of the US’s enemies.

So is missile defence about defence or is it the next step in the US’s ongoing attempts to achieve economic and military dominance.  Rather than being about defence, is “Star Wars” really the military wing of globalisation?  US Space Command argues that globalisation will lead to the “widening of the gap between the haves and the have-nots”. Rather than addressing the problems of inequality, unjust trade rules & poverty, is the US simply developing a system to keep the have-nots in line?

This conference will look at these fundamental questions.  With expert international speakers on missile defence, space militarisation, corporate influence, globalisation and international law as well as talks from campaigners from the front-line missile defence locations the conference aims to address the real motives behind missile defence and wider US military strategy.


Key morning speakers – FROM THE FRONT LINE:

Bruce Gagnon - Global Network, Florida, USA
Stacey Fritz - No Nukes North, Alaska, USA
Kuupik Kleist MPInuit Ataqutigiit, Danish Parliament, Denmark
Jacob Grech – OzPeace, Australia, by video
Dave Webb – Yorkshire CND, UK

Morning Workshops

"Militarisation and weaponisation of space" - Bruce Gagnon (Global Network)
"How missile defence works" - Dave Webb (Yorkshire CND)
"Electro-magnetic radiation - the effects of MD on local communities"
"Rogue states – real or imagined? What are the real threats to the West?" Dave Knight (CND)
"American bases in the UK and the US/UK military relationship" Lindis Percy (CAAB)

Key afternoon speakers – MILITARISATION & GLOBALISATION:

Clare Joy, Campaigns Officer, WDM - on the dominant economic paradigm & who it benefits
Martin Hogbin, CAAT - on the arms trade and corporate interests
Prof John Lovering – Globalisation, the military and the economy (unconfirmed)
Jean Lambert MEP – The European perspective on Missile Defence

Afternoon workshops

"Global Economics - the haves and have nots" – Clare Joy
"The arms trade and corporations" – Martin Hogbin
"The military and economic partnership – John Lovering
"Treaties: What’s relevant, what’s redundant and what’s threatened?" Peter Nicholls Abolition 2000
"A new nuclear threat – the era of vertical proliferation" CND

Conclusion: The alternatives

Dave Knight
Richard Allen MP
Alan Simpson MP
Sheffield Student CND


Fantastic evening social event including singer songwriter Rob Johnson!

A chance to learn new skills and improve your ability to be an active citizen and make a real difference

"How to influence politicians" with guest MP
"Making the community work - How to set up forums and active groups"
"How to play them at their own game - working within corporations to influence corporations"
"Challenging the law with the law - using environmental and planning laws to achieve your aims" 
"How to use the media - a basic introduction"
"Campaign strategy – how to plan and implement a campaign strategically"

Websites for the speakers:

No Nukes North (
Menwith Hill Forum (
Global Network (
Ozpeace (

Links to globalisation related websites:
World development Movement (
War on Want (
Oxfam (
Baby Milk Action (
Christian Aid (
Greenpeace (
Friends of the Earth (

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