No Star Wars

10-12May 2002

Statement of support from Caroline Lucas, UK Green Member of European Parliament to the GN Conference, Berkeley, Ca.

At this time of increasing global insecurity it is ever more urgent that we stand up to plans for a National Missile Defence programme. There's nothing defensive about this programme - it is a deeply offensive weapons system, specifically designed to bring about fear and instability, which will trigger a major new arms race. It is the military wing of the globalisation project, driven by corporate interests and concerns, to maintain their global control.

True security doesn't lie in National Missile Defence systems, or ever greater military hardware, or ever increasing defence budgets. We will only be more secure when poverty and injustice are eradicated. Until we understand the violence of our economic policies, our military policies, and our foreign policies, we will continue to foster the conditions that make terrorism possible.

Martin Luther King said: "A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now."

Your conference is an important part of the ongoing quest to inspire people to know the powers of their own involvement; of their ability to make a difference; of the necessity of each person standing up and speaking out. It will make a difference. It's the only thing that does.

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