Alberta Protest

The National Missile Defense Committee of the  Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism

October 8 2003

From Lucero Mariani


International Day of Protest Against Weapons in Space


2:30 pm, Saturday, October 11, 2003


Gazebo Park - 83 Avenue and 104 Street


The National Missile Defense Committee of the  Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism

The Bush administration is spending 9 billion a year to build a National Missile Defence (NMD) system in Alaska, facing a well-justified opposition from Russia, China, and almost all the countries. Canada's decision to support and participate in NMD would be a tragic reversal of a long-standing policy of peace keeping.  This programme would see weapons of mass destruction stationed in space ready to rain down on those that pose a threat (whether real, contrived, or imagined) to the U.S.A.. Weapons in space, controlled solely by the U.S.A. will also control access to space by all other countries.

During the week of October 4th to 11th over 60 different groups in several countries will be staging events throughout the world under the banner of "Keep Space for Peace - International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space". The NMD Committee of the Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism (ECAWAR) is coordinating local opposition to NMD.

The events of this week include an information session at the North of Nowhere Expo  (on Friday, October 10th at noon - ) and a rally at 2:30pm on Saturday, October 11th, 2003.

For more information please contact Lucero 492-6904 or for general information 988-2713.

Please let the government know what you think about this issue:

Right Hon. Jean Joseph Jacques Chrétien Prime Minister

Hon. Bill Graham Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon. John McCallum Minister of National Defence

Please distribute widely. Thank you.

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