Plans for U.S. "control and domination" of space are moving ahead quickly. Please help by joining us at the following events:

January 14, 2002
"Star Wars" and the Weaponization of Space
at 6 pm
Wesley Student Center, 2398 Bancroft Way (at Dana), across from UC

Come learn about the interrelationships of missile defense, weaponization of space, and the US' "Vision for 2020" program that aims to control the planet from orbiting, armed, space stations by the year 2020. Following Bruce's presentation, there will ample time for Q & A and discussion.

Light refreshments will be available.

All are welcome.  Donations are not required, but are appreciated.

For more information, please call Nevada Desert Experience at (510) 527-2057

February 4, 2002
No Nukes in Space Protest Vigil
Albuquerque, New Mexico

10:00 - 2:00 PM at the
19th Annual Symposium on Space Nuclear Power & Propulsion
Hyatt Regency Hotel (330 Tijeras NW)

This annual conference of DoE, NASA, Air Force, aerospace industry, and nuclear academia promotes the expanded use of nuclear power in space.  Join the Global Network as we again protest the funding of continued research and development on nuclear reactors for space-based weapons, the nuclear rocket, and nuclear power for NASA's space  missions.  As the DoE expands its production of space nuclear devices workers at Los Alamos and other labs are facing increased contamination.

April 1-5, 2002
Congressional Call-In Days
Oppose Star Wars Research & Development
Support the Kucinich "Space Preservation Act" (HR 3616)

click here to obtain full size leaflet image


This is the time of year that Congress makes decisions about how they will spend taxpayer dollars in the next fiscal year.

While some in Congress are calling for a delay in deployment of National Missile Defense (NMD) they support moving toward deployment of Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) as soon as possible and a "robust" research and development (R & D) program for Star Wars.

In order to increase pressure on Congress the Global Network urges you to contact your Senators and Congressperson during the week of April 1-5. Write a letter to the editor as well.  Demand an end to Star Wars and the waste of our tax dollars!  Fund human needs not space weapons!

Please pass this message on to others as well

(See: call-in reports )

April 13-14, 2002
Action for Peace
Oak Ridge, TN

Come to the last full-scale operating nuclear weapons production plant in the United States, the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Say "NO!" to US global domination and nuclear weapons .

President Bush has declared 2002 to be a "war year". We join together to make a stand for peace.

There will be marching, dancing, music, nonviolence training, food, excellent speakers, a chance to network, and for many a moment of action .

(More details - http://www.stopthebombs.org/calendar/April2002invite.html )

April 20, 2002
Stop the War, at Home and Abroad!
March on Washington, D.C.

The "War on Terrorism" Breeds More Terror. . . and
It's Unamerican Too!

click here to obtain full-size leaflet in PDF format

(More Details)

May 10-12, 2002
No Star Wars: International Space Organizing Conference & Protest
Berkeley, California

2002 marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Network.  Join us as we celebrate this landmark and strengthen our commitment to preventing a new arms race in space.  Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), the only person in Congress to vote against the call for war in Central Asia, will be a keynote speaker. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who has introduced legislation to ban weapons in space, has been invited to also deliver a keynote address. Representatives from peace groups worldwide will be in attendance to share their work to stop Star Wars.  Included will be a protest at Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale) where work is underway on the space-base laser, airborne laser, Theatre Missile Defense (TMD), and new satellites for space war fighting.

This event is being hosted by Nevada Desert Experience, a Global Network

( More Details )

May 13-19, 2002
Vandenberg May Days:
From Protest to Resistance
Non-Violent Resistance Camp & Backcountry Action
@ Los Olivos, CA 

From San Luis Obispo to Los Olivos
101 South to 154 East
Right on Grand Ave
After ¾ Mile, Left on Park St
Right on Easton Rd (house on top hill before 90º Left)

From Santa Barbara to Los Olivos
101 North to 154 East
Exit Grand Ave
After ¾ Mile, Left on Park St
Right on Easton Rd (house on top hill before 90º Left)

Contact: vandenberg action coalition

May 18, 2002
Bicycle Ride Event
Arms Are For Hugging, Not For Waging War
6 am San Luis Obispo to Vandenberg Air Force Front Gate

Contact: Clayton Whitt,(805)783-1040, cawhitt@calpoly.edu ,

If you love to ride the hills from San Luis Obispo to Vandenberg AFB, and feel that Arms Are For Hugging, and Not For Waging War, join us as we engage in this spirited bike ride to send out hugs to a world full of pain and war. The ride starts at Broad Street and Santa Barbara Street at the fire station. We will leave at 6 am Saturday morning May 18.

The ride will be sagged and open ended for any who wish to join us as we travel down Hiway 237 to Price Canyon Rd to Pismo Beach, and down the beautiful breathtaking Hiway 1 to the front gates of Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Bicycle Ride: arms are for hugging not waging war
May 18: meet @ Meadow Park 6am – 1pm 

From Cal Poly SLO to San Luis Obispo
Grand Ave to Monterey St (Right)
Left on Osos St
Left on Meadow Street (park on right-hand side) 

Armed Forces Day: anti-war rally
May 18 @ Vandenberg AFB 1pm – world peace 

(See report of action plan and report of action )

June 13-16 2002
No Nukes North Peace Camp
(Goodbye ABM, Hello Missiles)

Fort Greeley, Alaska

You are all cordially invited to Peace Camp at Fort Greely, Alaska.
Complete details of this event are available at

When: June 12 - 16th, 2002
Why: June 14th: Official day of U.S. withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, missile silo construction begins at Fort Greely.

(See here also)

June 14-15 2002
Stop Star Wars
(To mark US withdrawal from ABM Treaty)

Public meeting in Whitby
Friday 14th June with Bruce Kent, Carol Naughton, Dave Webb and others

Bruce & Carol will lead a 4 hour brisk walk from Whitby to Fylingdales on Saturday morning (optional!)

Yorkshire CND will organise a Party on the Moor from 13.00 hrs followed by a short march up to the US Radar Station front gate

(See web-site for more details )

July 4 2002
In(ter)dependence Day
at the National Security Agency

We peace and justice advocates have been gathering at Fort Meade's National Security Agency every 4th of July since 1996.  We are here to unmask the covert and overt role of the agency, far removed from public scrutiny, and bring to light its illegal and harmful past and present practices. The secret endeavors lead to a path of killing, destruction and domination.

Justice is the only means of security. It is an ethical imperative that money wasted on spying and warmaking be diverted to satisfy the basic needs of all people of the world.  We are interdependent as one human family.

Despite our many concerns, we are here to condemn the NSA's involvement with Star Wars and the Space Command Vision for 2020, which calls for domination of the heavens. NSA listening stations will be used in "Ballistic Missile Defense," which is draining the treasury of billions of dollars. Total estimated spending for Star Wars, so far, is about $200 billion. The Pentagon budget for 2003 will be about $393 billion, with close to $8 billion for Star Wars, a system that will never work.

So today, we carry "Star Wars" balloons, as examples of a more cost-conscious and just as effective form of missile defense.  To those of us living in Baltimore, a city in desperate need of funding for social services, we recognize that money for war should be diverted towards the needs of the people, especially the poor.

Many are discouraged by an endless "war on terrorism," as more money goes for bombs at the expense of human needs and the environment. In the process of warmaking, the government is shredding the Bill of Rights, as civil liberties are becoming a forgotten ideal. Most recently, the Bush belligerents adopted a "strike first" policy and a provocative new nuclear weapons doctrine, which will surely lead to nuclear proliferation and more terrorism.

Few citizens, however, are daring to Speak Truth to Power.

Nevertheless, we must confront the endless arms race, hypocrisy, threats, and superpower terror. We must preempt a Bush government that grows more out of control by the day by resisting at the National Security Agency and other government sites engaged in imperialistic adventures.

We will continue with our efforts to challenge the NSA, which we find unacceptable and undemocratic.  Its operations, hidden under the cloak of secrecy, cannot provide real security.  The Bush administration and its willing partner, the National Security Agency, offer perpetual war, insecurity, and instability. Our way, a nonviolent affirmation of equal justice for all on the planet, offers the only realistic chance for humans and nations to live together on this Earth.  Consider joining us.

For further information contact:
Baltimore Emergency Response Network: 410-377-7987 or mobuszewski@afsc.org
Atlantic Life Community:  410-233-6238

(See report of Day )

July 4, 2002
Independence from America Day
Menwith Hill, UK

'YES' to INDEPENDENCE! ...  'NO' to STAR WARS! ...

supported by Yorkshire CND invites you to the

Annual Independence FROM America Demonstration and
at Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire
4 July 2002 – 12 md to 4 pm

At the Main Entrance to the Base
Mark Thomas (satirist)
Caroline Lucas Green MEP
Dr Lynne Jones Labour MP

and the wonderful food by VEGGIES

Contact CAAB:
Anni Rainbow – tel no: 01943 466405
Lindis Percy – tel no: 01482 702033 – mobile: 07949897904
Local Mini-bus Transport Details from: Yorkshire CND – tel no: 01274 730795

( More Details )

July 4, 2002
Independence from America Day
Fylingdales, UK

Ellerbeck Bridge (Down the hill E of Fylingdales' Access Road)

Most people are unaware that 'RAF' Fylingdales is a US Space Command Ballistic Missile Early Warning Base.

On July 4th we shall be outside the base, alongside the main Whitby - Pickering Road (A169) with banners reminding them that it is a USA base and that its development for the USA 'Star Wars' programme is likely -

unless people stop it.
You are invited to join the fun.
Bring food to share.
Please network this very short notice invitation!

July 13 - August 4 2002
A walking Prayer to End Nuclear Weapons
4th Annual Peace Pilgrimage to Oak Ridge

Peace Pilgrimage Schedule

Saturday July 13 -  Vigil at the Martin Luther King Center
                            10 a.m. Leave Atlanta Dojo to walk 3 miles to King Center
                            11 a.m. Prayer vigil at King Center (Drive back to temple)
                            12 noon  Light lunch at temple

Sunday July14-  Atlanta to Tucker. 12 miles.
Contact-Swami Yogeshananda(770)938-6673

Monday July15- Tucker to Lawrenceville 15 miles,
Contact-Jim Watkins(404)307-4626

Tuesday July 16- Lawrenceville to Winder 16 miles,
Contact-John Workman(770)867-6859

Wednesday July 17- Winder to Jefferson 12 miles
Contact-John Workman(770)867-6859

Thursday July 18- Jefferson to Homer 18 miles
Contact-Mary Ellen Myers(706)776-1059

Friday July 19         REST DAY

Saturday July 20- Homer to Demorest 18 miles
Contact-Helen O'Brien(706)754-2508

Sunday July 21- Demorest to Tallulah Falls17 miles Contact-CelesteDickson(706)212-2054

Monday July 22- Tallulah Falls to Rabun Gap19 miles
Contact-CelesteDickson (see above)

Tuesday July 23- Rabun Gap to Franklin NC 18miles
Contact-John Womack(828)369-8647

Wednesday July 24  REST  DAY

Thursday July 25-
Franklin to Dillsboro 18 miles
Contact-Judith Hallock(828)586-3146

Friday July 26- Dillsboro to Cherokee 16 miles
Contact-Lisa Montelongo(828)497-6067

Saturday July 27- Drive to Peace Pagoda Site, Newport TN Lunch at Peace Pagoda

Sunday July 28- Peace Pagoda to Cosby 12 miles

Monday July 29- Cosby to Gatlinburg 19 miles
Contact Vesna Plakani(865)436-8283

Tuesday July 30- Pidgeon Forge to Townsend 19 miles
Contact-Doug Cox(865)982-4777

Wednesday July 31- Townsend to Maryville 17 miles
Contact Libby Johnson(865)983-5142

Thursday August 1- Maryville to Knoxville 16 miles
Contact Toby Rogers(865)693-3631

Friday August 2- Knoxville to Oak ridge 20 miles
Contact-Glenda Keyes(865)540-8348

Saturday August 3- Nonviolence Training with OREPA
Contact Tim Mellen(865)483-8202

Sunday August 4- 10 a.m. OREPA demonstration begins at Alvin K. Bissel Park (1401Oak Ridge Turnpike) with 1-1/2 mile walk to Y-12 Plant
Contact Toby Rogers(865) 693-3631

Tim Mellen
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
PO Box 5743
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

August 2-5 2002
August Desert Witness
at Nevada Test Site and nearby Peace Camp

Nevada Desert Experience invites you to its August Desert Witness in the blistering summer heat of the Mojave Desert at the Nevada Test Site.  We will design a creative prayer-action to commemorate Hiroshima Day and to protest the Bush Administration’s wanting to return to full-blown nuclear weapons testing at the Test Site.  

We ask people to register and to send a registration fee of at least $25 (to cover the cost of the 4 days).  

Details and Registration form

August 3 2002
Rally & March
to Livermore Lab

Gather at Carnegie Park at Fourth and "J" Streets in downtown Livermore, CA.

More details

Contact: www.trivalleycares.org

August 9 2002
Sisters on Pilgrimage
Contemplation in Action

Peterson A.F.B., Colorado Springs

Our Catholic faith has nurtured in us a deep conviction of the preciousness of all life, of the unity of the human family as well as love of our homeland and so impels us to pray and act for radical change of heart in our society.  Currently, as the lone super power, the United States' priorities, based on a perceived need to maintain and enhance its position of world domination, dictate that our society's best resources of mind and matter be focused on war execution and planning; on exploiting the riches of earth and space to meet our immediate needs; and on manipulating the economies and politics of other nations to our advantage.  The resulting suffering cries to heaven.

Come to this place where current wars are executed and future wars are planned.  Come to prayerfully participate -- either in solidarity with or as an actor in a action of civil resistance at Peterson A.F.B.

Contact:  Barbara Huber SC - bhubers@juno.com

August 9 - October 12 2002
Family Spirit Walk for Mother Earth
From Los Alamos National Lab
To the Nevada Test Site

(Nagasaki  Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day)

This pilgrimage from the home of weapons of mass destruction to their testing grounds is nearly  800  miles  through   New  Mexico, Arizona, Utah & Nevada--the homelands of indigenous peoples in North America.

Our effort is for a positive change in the direction of U.S nuclear weapons policies.

Starting with Christopher Columbus 510 years ago the Europeans began an extended encounter with the indigenous peoples of this continent. This interaction and cultural clash resulted in much violence and damage to the way of life for all human families and other creatures in the Americas and elsewhere. The scientific exploits of the nuclear cycle continue to harm people in the USA and elsewhere.

To honor the victims of nuclear violence and celebrate INDIGENOUS PEOPLES' DAY, there will be a 2-month walk from Los Alamos National Laboratory to the Nevada Test Site this Summer and Autumn. This pilgrimage for peace and an end to nuclear violence will be a journey where European Americans, Native Americans, and contemporary Europeans will walk together. The destination is the US nuclear weapons test site in Nevada--in the heart of Western Shoshone territory, adjacent to Yucca Mountain (the proposed site for radioactive waste from all civillian nuclear power plants in the USA).

 We'll start the Walk upon the sacred grounds of the Tewa Peoples' ancestors, and continue through other lands shared by indigenous peoples including Dine (Navajo), Zuni, Hopi, Supai, Havasupai, Moapa, Paiute, & Newe (Shoshone). Such are the present day areas of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah & Nevada.

This Walk is a physically challenging endeavor, and will hopefully be a unified journey of the Spirit, mind & body.  Ergo we need to take care of each other along the way. Please bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, eating utensils & containers, water bottles, toilet paper, etc.).

Support drivers provide fresh water & food.

COST - It's a major commitment to join this group for two months and to live in nomadic community. Please notify everyone you know that you are committed to joining this prayer-action for peace, and enlist the support/sponsorship of an organization or group (such as a club, union, service organization, political group, local church, etc.). This way you represent more people and are responsible to your affiliate group when you return home to spread the word about the pilgrimage. While nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, we are asking individual walkers to raise $225 as a standard contribution for expenses during these two months on the Family Spirit Walk.

Family Spirit Walk For Mother Earth: www.angelfire.com/retro/nuclear

Shundahai Network
PO BOX PO Box 1115
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110  USA
PO BOX  4973
GALLUP NM 87305    USA

OR CALL: (801) 359-2614

September 28, 2002
Keep Space Safe: Midwest Regional Weapons in Space Conference
Hosted by Peace Education Project of Peace Action-Wisconsin

Marquette University~Todd Wehr Chemistry Building
535 North 14th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(South and West of the university library on West Wisconsin Avenue)

 Begins 8:15 with conference registration and ends at 5:00 with a social hour.

 (More Details)

October 3, 2002
- what is it, what is it for, are we at risk?

Public Meeting at St Robert's Conference Centre,
Robert Street, Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK

7.00PM - 8.30PM

BRUCE GAGNON (Chair, Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space)
STACY FRITZ (Chair, No Nukes in Alaska)
DAVE KNIGHT (Director, Disarmament Information Service)

For further details see http://www.menwithhillforum.org.uk

October 3, 2002
Cal Poly Progressive Student Alliance and
Central Coast Peace and Environmental Council
invite you to share an evening with Dr. David    

7 p.m., Cal Poly State Univ.,
Business Rotunda Bldg. 3, Rm 213,
Free parking in front of campus Busines lawn,
California Blvd.

Contact: Sheila Baker,(805) 215-9168;
slbaker@calpoly.edu or

The Cal Poly Progressive Student Alliance and Central Coast Peace and Environmental Council are pleased to offer a dynamic and esteemed speaker for our Keep Space for Peace Week activities. Our speaker will fill your tool box with education and strategy in preparation for a world in need of peace.

Dr. Hafemeister, Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly Physics, and member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, has spent his much of his professional
life advising and educating people on the subject of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.  He has served on the Committee for International Security and Arms Control; was a recipient for the Leo Szilard Lectureship Award given to physicists who use physics for the benefit of society in such areas as the environment, arms control, and science policy; and participated as a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the Carnegie Non Prolifertion Conference, 2001. He served in a lead role on technical matters for the ratification of the START, CFE, and TTBT arms control treaties while serving as a professional staff member of the Senate Committees on Foreign Relations and Governmental Affairs (1990 - 1993). Other arms control tasks were as the Science Advisor to Senator John Glenn (1975-77), Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary of State Nye (1977 - 78), the State Department Offices
of Nuclear Proliferation Policy (1979) and Strategic Nuclear Policy (1987). His many books and articles include, "Arms Control Verification: The Technologies that Make it Possible" and "The Case for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty".

Dr. Hafemeister has just returned from Moscow and has much to share on the implications of President Bush's withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty as well as the current status of arms control.

Many thanks to the following endorsers: Military Globalization Project, Tri-Valley CARES, Citizens for Peace in Space in Colorado Springs, and Vandenberg Watch.

For more information please contact Sheila Baker, (805) 215-9168 or email
slbaker@calpoly.edu or pedal4mother@yahoo.com

October 3, 10, 12, 13, 2002
Keep Space for Peace Week
Actions in Colorado Springs

October 3 and 10 bannering and leafletting in downtown Colorado Springs (corner of Bijou and Nevada) 4:30 - 5:30

October 12 Bannering at the gates of Peterson AFB noon - 3pm.

October 13 Rally at Acacia Park Bandshell 1 - 2pm.

Contact: Bill Sulzman bsulzman@juno.com

(See Action Report )

October 4-11, 2002
Keep Space for Peace Week:
International Days of Protest to Stop the
Militarization of Space

Having seen the number of local actions double in 2001 (115 actions in 19 countries) the Global Network is calling for a week of events in 2002. In addition to local protests at key space installations, groups are urged to organize events throughout the week that would include things like visits to political leaders, community teach-ins, meetings of religious leaders, visits to local schools, media work, and public displays.  Help us build this vital global movement to stop the nuclearization and weaponization of space.  Working together we can create a new consciousness about protecting space from the bad seed of war!

(More Details)

October 5-7, 2002
From the Front Line - Star Wars and Globalisation
International Conference on Missile Defence
and the Militarisation of Space

Sheffield, England

With Bruce Gagnon, Stacy Fritz and other speakers from Greenland and Yorkshire - the Front line of US Missile Defence

With Workshops and a demonstration against the Boeing sponsored Research Laboratory at Sheffield University.

(More Details
Report of Conference)

October 5-7, 2002
Expose the Gap
Demonstration at the Pine Gap Spy Base

Central Australia

(More Details)

October 5-15, 2002
Action for Nuclear Abolition,

An international nonviolent resistance to U.S. nuclear policies in Nevada. Together we will build community and take direct action for nuclear abolition. With our Western Shoshone hosts and friends from around the world, we will wise up, rise up, honor and resist.

The events will be organized with the guidance of the Western Shoshone National Council and have a strict policy prohibiting alcohol, drugs, and weapons. Please be respectful of our Western Shoshone hosts and their traditional customs. There will be daily sunrise ceremonies and sweat lodges open to all.

(More Details)

October 7, 2002
Demonstration at Lockheed Martin Corporation,
Lockheed Martin,
3333 Yankee Doodle Road
At the intersection of Yankee Doodle Rd. and Pilot Knob Rd.
Eagan, Minn
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please be part of a legal protest against nuclear power and weapons in space at the Eagan, Minn. offices of Lockheed Martin, Monday, October 7 (the anniversary of the U.S. bombardment of Kabul and other Afghan cities).

BRING: Warm clothes, banners, signs, drums, percussion instruments and other noise makers.

Lockheed Martin is the largest war contractor in the world, raking in over $18.5 billion in annual military contracts. L-M recently won the biggest military contract in history: $200 billion to build 3,000 supersonic jets, at $67 million apiece.

One quarter of the $8 billion Star Wars budget is enough to provide safe drinking water to everyone in the world.

John at Nukewatch: 1-715-472-4185; or cell: 715-491-3813;
Tom at 651-388-4814; or cell 612-701-6963.

P.O. Box 649
Luck, WI 54853
(715) 472-4185
Phone (715) 472-4185
Fax (715) 472-4184
Web http://www.nukewatch.com

October 7, 2002
GN Benefit Concert,
Freight & Salvage Coffee House, 1111 Addison St.,
Berkeley, CA
Doors open at 7:30pm - first set starts at 8 pm.

Please come to a benefit concert, in a legendary Berkeley venue, for the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Oct. 7, 2002, Part of the Oct. 4 - 11 Week of International Protest Against Star Wars.


Holly Gwinn Graham is a stellar singer-songwriter and actress, and a lifelong peace, justice, and environmental activist.  Known for her originality and joy of living, her 8 albums include “True Stories and Cautionary Tales,” “Love Will Lead Us,” “Earth Anthem,” among others.  Long associated with the Global Network, she has acted and sung in many countries.  Known for his dynamic stage performances, Joel Landy's voice and powerful lyrics often remind people of a young Phil Ochs. "A real live wire!" sites PeteSeeger.  Joel performs at demonstrations throughout the country and is seen in New York City every week hosting Songs of Freedom, an award winning cable television show featuring artists and activists celebrating the dignity of human struggle. Lynda Williams, physicist, chanteuse and anti-nukepeace activist, performs multimedia cabaret shows on science and politics.  Discoverer of the elusive 'lovon' particle, ( www.lovon.com )Lynda spreads her philosophy on a physics of love across the world to scientists and non-scientists alike.

All 3 performed at the Global Network’s May 2002 conference in Berkeley. If you were there, this is your opportunity to see them again!  If you missed them, here’s your chance!

Their new CD featuring songs about “Star Wars” will be available for purchase at this benefit.

TICKETS:  $15.50 before the concert, $16.50 at the door. Call (510) 548-1761 for tickets

This event is part of the Global Network’s Oct. 4 – 11 International Week of Protest against “Star Wars”/Missile Defense.  Groups in the US and many other countries will be holding special events throughout the week.

Please join us for a stellar evening of original music,important information, and great food, all for the benefit of the world’s leading grassroots network that opposes the weaponization, militarization and nuclearization of space.

For more information contact:  Sally Light at (510) 527-2057.

October 12, 2002
Demonstration at Kennedy Space Center,
Titusville, Florida
9 a.m. to 12 noon

The Bush administration, the Pentagon, and their corporate allies continue to push hard to move the arms race into space.  We can add NASA to the mix.  NASA has always been a “secret” partner to the Pentagon.  However, NASA’s new Chief, former Navy Secretary Sean O’Keefe told Congress, “I think it’s imperative that we have a more direct association” between the Pentagon and NASA. 

The U.S. Navy is leading an initiative to “exploit” NASA environmental satellite imagery and data to aid strike planning and weapons selection for Afghanistan and other potential target areas in the Middle East, including Iraq.

The Pentagon’s National Aerospace Initiative to create hypersonic weapons technology will also link NASA to the Pentagon.  The goal is to develop a new generation of space propulsion systems that will lower launch costs and enable space vehicles (military space planes) to deliver conventional weapons from space, or support the operation of space-based weapons. 

While the international community seeks to create an outer space arms control agreement to prevent the deployment of space based weapons, the Bush administration rejects the proposition, and directs that all future tests of the National Missile Defense system be done in secret so that both Congress and the public are kept in the dark.   Thousands of people pass through the tourist facility at the Kennedy Space Center each day.  NASA’s intention is to indoctrinate citizens to support all things space.  Tourists will encounter no information about the US military’s control of the space program, or the ways in which NASA supports the US military plans for “Global Battlespace Dominance.”

Join us as we protest at the KSC expressing our opposition to putting weapons in space, and to launching nuclear power into space.  We will begin to gather at 9 a.m. to maximize the number of tourists who will see our expressions.  We will stay until noon.  Come for an hour, or two, or three.  Join us when you can; plan to eat lunch with us and network afterwards in a local restaurant. Know that our efforts are supporting an international movement, and communities throughout the country and the world will engage in local actions to shout in many languages, but with one voice, to keep space for peace.

From 9 a.m. to noon, we will gather at the Kennedy Space Center tourist facility at a designated protest area.  Look for us holding our signs and leaflets.

Directions: From I-95, take exit 79 and follow signs to KSC. From US 1 in Titusville go east on SR 405. 

Sponsored by: Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space; Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice; Pax Christi Florida; Community Coalition Against War & Terrorism (Gainesville). Other endorsers are encouraged.

More Information: please call Mary Beth Sullivan (352) 337-9274, or mbsull@mindspring.com

(See Report of Action)

October 12, 2002
at NSA Menwith Hill North Yorkshire, UK
12 noon - 4pm

Lots of people needed to voice opposition to the US militarisation of Space and on earth the US military plans to bomb Iraq 


Anni Rainbow and Lindis Percy, Joint Co-ordinators
8 Park Row, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 1HQ, England, U.K.
Tel/fax no: +44 (0)1943 466405 0R +44 (0)1482 702033
email: anniandlindis@caab.org.uk  or caab@btclick.com
Website: http://www.caab.org.uk

(See Report of Action)

October 17, 2002
STOP THE WAR and Showing of 'Keep Space for Peace' Video
Levanger, Norway
12 noon - 4pm

We will first have a demonstration in the city against war in Iraq at 17 .00, and then we will show the video 18.30. We have got a copy with Danish text.

Regine Steinvik,
Levanger group of Norwegian Peace Alliance

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